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Prosperity CRE was formed in 2017 by Zach Winner and Mark A. Rios both with over 30+ years in combined real estate experience.

Zach Winner is the principal of Cornerstone Investments, LLC, a commercial real estate investment firm. Mr. Winner focuses on overseeing Cornerstone investments’ portfoli, and advising and assisting clients who choose to invest with Cornerstone Investments.

Mr. Winner has owned investment properties since 2005. From 2013 through 2017. Mr. Winner has successfully owned and operated a residential real estate company, mortgage brokerage company, and escrow company, with offices in Northern and Southern California, assisting clients in the purchase, finance and sale of properties throughout the United States.

Over the past 13-years, Mr. Rios and the company have gone from residential real estate investment, sales and mortgage lending to commercial mortgage banking, structured finance & capital markets, joint ventures, group investment/syndication and asset management.

Prosperity CRE is building out the infrastructure to tackle the challenges of acquiring commercial and multi-family deals with hiring experts in finance, economics, networking, valuation, asset management and due diligence.

Today,  Prosperity CRE is investing in different states across the nation and continues to penetrate new growth markets actively. Prosperity CRE welcomes new partnerships in Flex Industrial, Medical Office, multi-family acquisitions, as well as Student Housing.


The core of the company’s business model revolves around developing key relationships within a variety of growth markets across the country. At any given time, the company’s network continues to grow and is presently infiltrating multiple emerging markets that have been identified to present the highest level of value and return for Prosperity CRE and its affiliates.

Prosperity CRE uses a variety of strategies for sourcing value-added assets and often takes properties off the street before they have a chance to be listed. In a competitive real estate environment wherein 9 out of 10 markets, the sellers have had the upper hand. In addition,  the enormous amount of capital flows coming from areas like New York, Florida, and California have compressed capitalization rates (Cap Rates) to all-time lows, making it very difficult to find deals. Prosperity CRE stands its ground for acquiring solid assets and the group, along with its partners, purchases have exceeded national averages in terms of value-added potential, initial returns, and cash flow.

Prosperity CRE competes head-to-head in these new growth markets, continually fighting for good product and maintains the philosophy that there is no substitute for patience and persistence in this game.


After studying and evaluating of market cycles, based on the teachings of mentors, Zach and Mark have sought the expert advice of industry leaders in economics, urban studies, and market transitions, and teamed up with national demographic experts and created a model for identifying new growth areas across the country.

Emerging markets can be labeled as new growth markets or correcting markets from a previous cycle downturn. There are several variables that are used to identify these markets from historic growth patterns and well as future projections that are weighed in the ultimate decision process. The demographic variables are just one component is this complex evaluation process and are used in conjunction with a myriad of other instruments in measuring whether a market is truly emerging.


Prosperity CRE is moving towards a fully integrated full-service real estate company with investment services, Delaware Statutory Trust, tenants-In-common offerings, Section 1031 exchanges, development, and asset management.

Concurrent with the commercial real estate acquisitions, the company is involved with senior debt, mezzanine/preferred equity capital placement services for commercial real estate owner/operators as well as joint venture and syndicated capital formation and real estate finance consulting.


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